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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 17, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> a full day of air attacks, engines, choppers and the doziers in the mix. steep canyons, gusty winds and flames in three directions. >> there are evacuations in place. >> back live, you can see the impressive sight of the smoke above us. no structures have burned, two people are hurt, highway 50 had been closed but it is now -- >> we lost mike, what he was saying highway 50 was closed but it has been reopened. fire crews are battling an out of control wildfire in sis cue county, in and around weed, so far that fire has burned 400-
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acres, the flames have wiped out neighborhood, 150 structures have been destroyed including 100 homes. two churches, a school and a saw mill were burned. a couple's house burned to the ground, they found a note from firefighters inside their mailbox. what that note said left them in tears. that's at 5:45. all the fires are what ever was -- everyone was worried about because of the drought. >> mike up in the foothills, this is the cloud he showed you, this is the cloud from 70 miles away in the bay area. it is a massive fire, that is the number 1 priority in the state. we have fires throughout the
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state. the boles fire up north. the happy camp complex fire. look at the temperature, 90s, all week we've had 90s with low humidity, this weather system slides through. it will drop temperature 15 to 20 degrees, this will have a huge influence on how firefighters will get a handle on the fires. that's a broad brush, you knew the system was coming. when i come back i'll give you the timing. this will have an impact on us. it will have an impact on the morning commute. >> our coverage of the fires continues online, go to, we have a slide show of the fires, you can also get an update on the changing weather patterns. another nfl player is facing accusations of domestic violence. police arrested jonathan dwyer
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for an incident that happened in july. it was an altercation at his home with a 27-year-old woman and 18-month-old child. the cardinals are cooperating and have suspended dwyer from team activities. before that news came out the vikings said they made a business take by -- a mistake by not suspending adrian peterson and there's a growing call on the nfl to take a tougher stand. >> we made a mistake and we needed to get this right. >> the vikings team owner speaking about making an about- face and suspending adrian peterson. peterson is charged with a felony for using a switch to
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discipline his child. >> adrian will be away from the team and focus on his personal situation. >> today, national lawmakers from the bay area called for the nfl to crack down on player accused of domestic violence. >> when a player is arrested for domestic violence the nfl should immediately suspend the player and continue to pay them until a per pond rance of the -- preponderance of the evidence clears them. >> nancy pelosi said that ray mcdonald should not have played after being arrested in august. >> a coach says be innocence until proven guilty, but he should not have played.
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>> brandon marshall's name is in the spotlight. a friend and father of a woman who dated marshall said he was abusive toward her and their calls to the nfl went unanswered. the uc president's task force released a study on sexual assault along with recommendations. it was established after 30 student victims sued the system. they claimed uc ignored or mismanaged their reports. the recommendations include a model for a system wide response team and standards for investigation and punishment, educational program for employees and students and advocates for each victim. senator boxer said victims need help every step of the way. >> this is important, a lot of
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times the victim is at a loss what to do. this advocate will help with medical care, tell them their legal rights. they will hold their hands through the process. >> yesterday campus assault victims were in sacramento pushing for a bill. a statewide standard for consensual sex. only yes means yes. the u.s. will give assistance for moderate syrian rebels. they will receive $500 million in equipment and training from the u.s. military. the senate will vote on the resolution. it does not involve troops on the ground. today president obama repeated his insistence they will not have a combat mission in iraq.
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despite the joints chief of staff may ask for ground forces if they are needed. >> as your commander-in-chief i will not commit you and the rest of the armed forces to fighting another ground war in iraq. new information on a shooting over the labor day weekend in san francisco. it started with a car almost hitting a man. there was a argument, the driver shot the victim several times. tonight the police have a new sketch of the man. >> i can tell you that the victim is expected to survive, he's in the hospital. the police need your help. the two men did not know each other. >> take a close look at the police sketch, this is the man wanted by police for shooting
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august 31. the investigators say around 2:15 in the afternoon the suspect was near golden gate avenue and broderick street when he confronted the victim on foot. the guy was crossing the street, this way, the car was coming this way. this man says he saw the entire incident from his apartment window. >> the car almost hit him, he went what's up. >> they got into a vere pallal -- verbal altercation. the suspect drove away and began shooting. >> the shots from fired 30 to 60 feet away, then got closer and shot more shots. >> i was looking out the window and i saw the guy laying on the ground. >> the suspect drove off in a car similar as this. a two door newer honda civic or accord. this is the suspect a tan
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skinned or dark asian male in his 20s. >> now again, police say this is a random shooting. that's why they need your help getting this man off the treat. we're learning new details about the moments during the mass school shooting more than two years go. in transcripts obtained by the san francisco chronicle the gunman barged into a classroom where nursing students were taking a test. he was clutching the school's receptionist and a.45-caliber gun. he was targeting the schools director who no longer worked there. seven people were killed, but it is unclear if this case will go to trial since he's at napa
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state hospital. at issue is a policy requiring users to list their real name. a group of drag queens say the company is locking the accounts of those using their stage names. they say that policy puts them at risk. >> today's meeting came after drag queens and others threaten a protest. the meeting was unsatisfactory but facebook is makings changes in response. >> they are famous for creativity and with it but the san francisco drag queens are serious about their dispute with facebook. >> there's something targeting drag queens, someone is reporting us and wiping us out of existence. >> facebook is locking the
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accounts of lbgt who use alias saying they can only regain access by posting their real name. facebook rarely confirms the information. the company says it helps keep the online community safe. >> this is creating an unsafe environment for transgender who need to keep their true a kennedy -- i.d. hidden. >> a facebook spokesman said 200 lbgt people had been reported on by other users. the company said it will temporarily reactivate the pages. >> i will boycott facebook. >> in that statement facebook decided to reactivate the profiles members of the lbgt
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community who's profiles were deactivated. over the next two weeks we hope they will confirm their real name or convert their profile to a page. thieves exploiting drought concerns to walk into people's homes. >> the cash box was there and he took it. >> when and where we can expect showers. dozens of people evacuated as three cars catch fire. >> i heard a big bang. >> what started the fire. it makes me happy to go on the computer.
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three vehicles went up in flames today. >> i heard a loud explosion, like a bang, i went this is not good. i saw the flames about 15 feet coming out of this van. >> 40 people were evacuated. firefighters removed several tanks from in the van. they were filled with chemicals but they cannot explode. a man hunt is still underway for a man who killed a trooper. 31 year old eric frein. he looks different, his head is saved -- shaved in a mohawk. he is considered armed and
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dangerous. he's accused of ambushing the state troopers. authorities trying to figure out the motive. a vacation hot spot severely damaged by hurricane odile. as the clean up gets going thousands who headed south are clamoring to catch a plane home. ann rubin spoke to a castro valley man stuck in a hotel saying water, food and baby formula are running low. >> thousands are stranded in cabo san lucas. among them terry and 11 of his friends. >> it didn't get crazy until the water poured in. we grabbed what we could in terms of passports, whatever valuables we had and went up stairs. >> they are stuck at the hotel
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santa fe. >> very little cell phonak says, or internet access. >> his brother has been making calls from the bay area, contacting the state department and the embassy. but help is not coming. >> it's frustrating. >> the mexican military has evacuated travelers from the airport and hotels are posting online. >> the hotel santa fe has no shuttle. >> the embassy told me to relay to them to get on another hotel shuttle or track down authority figure to set up a shuttle for them. >> the longer they are forced to wait the more limit supplies. low on water, baby formula and food. >> people are trying to break into the kitchens. >> the situation is bad, he knows it could have been worse.
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>> nobody is hurt, that. >> let's talk about our weather. we have important changes coming. we want to bring in our chief meteorologist. >> rain is what we need. the problem for us is the commute, wet on the roadway, the roads will be slick. september 18th, that's tomorrow. the morning commute will be a wet one. north bay could see .10 -- .2- inch of rain. these numbers are conservative. eureka coming up on half inch of rain. up toward the redding area nearly that much. that's near two big fires. very helpful. there's the system i'm
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tracking. it is dropping rain. north of eureka thundershowers. in the red representing heavy heavy rainfall. there you go as the system moves on shore. these are the current temperature, very similar all week. today is a lot like yesterday. tomorrow will be about cloud cover, cooler temperature, higher humidity be wet roadway. this will be an overnight thing in the morning hours. as we head into tomorrow morning, 10 degrees cooler, and morning showers in the forecast. main impacts will be north of santa rosa. we'll get resid wall moisture: resid we'll moisture. not a strong formation. a bit of moisture. drizzle, maybe a few light
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sprinkles. and then by 7:00 a.m., scattered showers, it will be rain, this is moderate windshield wipers, wet on the roadways, cooling things off. it won change the drought situation, but it will help our fire danger, it will have a huge impact on northern california. 80 in livermore, temperature coming down. we had a 90 in the livermore. temperature tomorrow will be 10- degrees cooler. 67 in san francisco. the big story is the chance of rain and showers, late tonight, early tomorrow morning. clears out on friday. if this odile had hooked one of the low, if it had gone farther
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north it could have been sucked in and we would have been game on for 2 inches of rain. we are going to see showers, but not a ton. >> i think it's not going to rain tomorrow. >> there will be some wet weather. the outcry over the military gear police departments are getting. what police in the los angeles district have decided to return. 48 years after a tang girl was found dead in berkeley a renewed search for answers. the officer who found her body reveals what he remembers and why this case frustrated investigators. bay area schools calling taxis to pick up children. why parents are raising the red flag about this little known practice.
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. >> the los angeles up tied -- unified school district is returning surplus military gear. now the los angeles school district says its police department will return the
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three grenade launch organization but will keep rifles and the other things. >> we found the oakland unified school district and the stockton school district received a truck and overhead projectors but no weapons. we posted a list of schools that acquired military grade equipment on our web site. a vote that could put an end to scotland's union with england. the voters are split down the middle. david cameron is nervous about the vote. supporters of innocence want direct control. they say the british government is not doing enough. a congressman from north carolina is under fire for what
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he said about a proposed federal ban on workplace discrimination. >> we want to understand your comments about the employee nondiscrimination act. >> well, the government should not be imposing more upon business. >> representative robert pittinger said he believes private businesses should have the freedom not the hire or fire people based on their sexual orientation, he compared it to the freedom to smoke in their private home. >> i think we're better sed by having less government. this is a struggle. we're trying to create jobs. >> they should be allowed to discriminate. >> we have a regulatory
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environment. >> the bill passed the democratly controlled senate. it would prohibit chris crime -- discrimination based on sexual orientation. john boehner said he will not bring that billup for a vote. after a couple the robbed of pressure heirlooms and thousands in cash. who they say tricked them into entering their home. two people are dead after their car bust into flames after an accident. the wild fire in sis cue county. we're talked to a couple that lost everything. what they found in their mail box that brought them to tears. it makes me happy to go on the computer.
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. precious family heirlooms stolen and the couple think the thief is a man posed as a worker for the water department. police are looking if this case is linked to similar scams in
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other bay area cities. >> police are advising residents to be on the alert someone may be a scam artist. >> here's where he came and he turned on this water. like that. 85-year-old olga never imagined the man who said he worked for the daly city water department would steal her precious possessions including jewelry from her grandmother who died in the 1906 earthquake. >> it makes me angry. should have never happened. >> her 92-year-old husband, a world war ii veteran, his father's gold pocket watch is missing. >> i was going to give it to one of the grandkids eventually. >> the cash box was in there.
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>> she says last friday a man carrying two phones came to her back door. and he had a piece of paper, and he was telling me about rust in the water. he says that's what i'm here to check. so i said we don't have rust. he said but we have to check it. >> while she and the man were in the bathroom, another been in the bedroom stealing the safe and the rings that belonged to her grandmother. >> i had all her jewelry. i'm mad. eye been crying. -- i've been crying. >> similar scams have happened in the sunset district and burlingame. >> we have investigators following the case and they will contact other bay area police agencies. >> a hispanic man, 35 to 40
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years old. >> i believed him, which i shouldn't have. >> police are urging people to call them first before allowing anyone they are not expecting into their house. reporting live in daily city. >> today kicked off the rail safety campaign. caltrans says kansas has more avoidable rail related facilities than any other state in the year. the mother of jenna bathy who was killed last march was at the event. >> the sound of a train is very quiet, it sounds like a big rig, they come upon you really quickly. >> rail experts say a trail --
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train needs a mile to come to a stop. traffic is moving again, the police received a tip that burglars were climbing into a home at current avenue and suitor street. when the officers arrived the burglars took off. at 11:45 the police closed the coolidge on and off-ramp. the ramps were reopened by 1:00. the highway patrol is tries to identify two people killed in a fiery crash on eastbound 580. more on what may have caused the accident and one family's close call. >> witnesses saw this sports car speeding last night, moments before it flew off the freeway, hit a tree and burst
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into flames. the crash touched off a small brushfire, and inside this charred wreckage there were two bodies. >> i heard a braking. >> regimea -- regina newton heard the crash. when she saw the fire she realized nobody survived. >> i was worried about the people inside, and then their families, because it's just, it's a sad way to end your lifelike that. >> identifying the victims will be difficult, because they were so badly burned. chp investigators are going over evidence found at the crash site hoping they will figure out who was in the car. just before it veered off the road, this car clipped the front of an suv on the freeway. there was a family inside with
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four kids but they weren't hurt. >> the difference between being involved and tragically involved is inches or seconds investigators don't think the car was involved in a race. they are trying to nail down how fast it was going and what caused the driver to lose control triggering this tragic wreck. we know the name of an 11- year-old girl that was killed in a crash. several were in an suv that veered off the interstate 92 a tree. a iliea supporter took the brunt of the impact: porter. she loved her family, sports and school. >> each year she made the africa can -- african-american
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honor roll. always loved to teach and learn. >> the family members are planning her funeral and have a go fund me page. they will hold a vigil at 7:00 p.m. saturday at martin luther king park. september 18th is the start of a ban on plastic bag. the city enacted the ordinance after determining most of the litter is plastic bags. restaurant can provide plastic bags for leaky foods. neighborhoods destroyed including churches and a big employer. the note left by firefighters. >> the iphone gets a new
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operating system. is it new and improved or should you wait and see. what an expert is telling us. >> bay area shoppers rushed out of a target store. what caused the foul smell. bulldog: quarterback takes the snap...
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evacuation. fire trucks and ambulances responded to a call of sulphur. fire crews used gas mop or thes -- monitors and determined it was a sewage problem. it's not clear how many customers were in the store. target called a plumber to fix the problem. a group of activist protest sweat shop labor. they chanted and carried signs in front of h&m. they are targeting clothing stores in cambodia. >> we believe the buyers like h&m. gap, adidas are making billions off the closing and they should
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make sure the workers down the chain make enough to survive. the workers earn $100 a month. a family's home destroyed by a fire. what they found in the mail box brought them to tears. >> that's the first time i cried. >> it was special they cared enough to do that. >> what the little said and who -- letter said and who left it behind. >> gas prices dropping to levels we have not seen in four years. >> we're talking about the shot of rain in the bay area. it will help out firefighters in northern california and will make a messy morning commute for you. it makes me happy to go on the computer.
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. the fire that burned weed has devastated the community but they are supporting each other. it destroyed about 100 homes on monday. but one couple found something left behind by fire crews. >> there is nothing left at the alvarado home. the house is in ashes. the motorcycle charred. the swing set melted. >> it's a lifetime. we lived there 30 years. >> there was barely time to grab a few belongings but they left for safety.
5:46 pm
>> photo albums. money that we had. just my wedding rings. >> phillip lost his motorcycles and comic weeks going back to 1961. >> about 300 of them. >> they had just finished major improvements to the home. >> a new window, paneling, repainted the house. >> summer's worth of work gone. >> they knew they lost about everything in the home, for some reason phillip felt compelled to check the mail box. he found a note. i grabbed the note. it said that so sorry about your house, that we couldn't save it. sorry about your home. it was on fire when we showed up. we moved your trucks to the other side of the road. thanks for leaving the keys. that was cal fire, syskiyou.
5:47 pm
>> we cried. >> last night residents gave firefighters a standing ovation. tonight there's more reason one moir couple is -- more couple is grateful. phillip has the note in his wallet. >> any moment now a strike team with firefighters from the bay area is expected to arrive at the king fire. cameras were there as a engine hit the road. it is made up of five engines with four firefighters from all over the bay area. >> something that on one hand is exciting, at the end of these opportunities, you don't realize how exhausted you can be. during it you are running on adrenaline. >> the contra costa county fire department sent an engine. we'll see a weather change
5:48 pm
we will appreciate. this guys and girls fighting the fires are counting the minutes until they get here. >> they are excited for the potential of showers, we're seeing showers around the u eeka -- yreka area. here's our live bay point camera. this is over by pitts berg. this is 100 miles away. i'm going to estimate 25,000- feet high. that's not a regular cumulus cloud. this is caused by the heat of the fire and the condensation. here's the fire here, you see the king fire from the satellite image. that's a big fire when you can see it from the bay area. looking at a fire 100 miles away. 83 right now, or today in napa. 88 in the fairfield area.
5:49 pm
temperature will be cooler as this moves into the area. it will hit all of northern california, seeing significant rain and seen thundershowers, stop it right here, see thundershowers showing up east of yreka. these are wet storms. we got a little bit of shower activity off mendicino, good news as the system lines up to mo into the bay area as we go into the next few hours. tomorrow will be cooler because of the cloud cover, because of this weather system. light chance of showers in the early morning. as you commute in a better chance of showers. this will help out the fire zone, it will slow your morning commute. maybe we'll get more than .2,
5:50 pm
computer model does this. this is tonight at 10:00. scatters shower and drizzle. not much. tomorrow morning breaks, the sun will come out and then clouds and rain. scattered showers, north of here a little bit organized. our big story tomorrow morning, going on the thursday morning commute. not heavy rain, enough rain, it hasn't rained in a while it will be extra slick. think that threw. you know how it is, the first rain in months it will be slick. it will be messy. i am excited the northern california area will get this increased humidity and rain. it will do amazing things to help the firefighters. a nonprofit group is criticizing a new ground water law, it will achieve
5:51 pm
sustainable ground water level. giving agency the power to shut down wells and issue fines. the california water alliance says the law doesn't go far enough. >> all this legislation does is limit the pumping of water. it doesn't address how you refill the aquifers. >> in normal years 30 to 40% of acalifornia water supply comes from aquifers. closer to 60% in drought years. from 7 to 8. if you have an iphone you were probably prompted to make an upgrade. >> find my kid and my relationship than my iphone. >> we find out if you should make the change now or wait out the buzz. >> more on 6:00. >> trading the school bus for a
5:52 pm
taxi cab. some schools are getting creative. >> my 10 yield baby in the back of a taxi cab. >> one woman is upset with what happened when a cab picked up her child at school. these and more coming up in less than 10 minutes at 6:00. ♪
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. a man was arranged today. the kills was on the last day of august. donald parker pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. parker's alleged accomplish is under arrest. he's set to be arraigned tomorrow. today was the first day iphone users could upgrade to the ios 8. as soon as the download started so did the problems. >> according to the downloading has been going on since mid-morning by the millions. >> the servers have been
5:56 pm
slammed. if people don't need it wait a couple days. >> long down lead lone -- download times. bugs are often a problem with new operating systems. >> sometimes it's good to update it one more time, for ios 8 dot one. we confirmed that with people that have not downloaded the new version. >> the last two i downloaded made things harder. >> mine works fine. usually there's problems at the start. i will wait. >> when a new one comes out with different interface, i'll tie it -- try it on someone else's computer. >> a smart phone will have to be updated. >> probably the most important
5:57 pm
thing, on my kid, my relationship with my iphon . >> it's become more important than i wish it were. less than most people for me, but it's important. >> about 2:00 this afternoon i began downloading on this iphone. now the download, prepare, verify and install, it took two hours and 48 minutes. best advice, if you're going to upgrade, do it before you go to bed and save yourself the aggravation. stocks hit a record high after the federal reserve plans to keep a key interest rate at a record low. it will keep the benchmark rate for zero for a considerable time. the dow jones closed up 24
5:58 pm
points at a record high of 17,156, the nasdaq gained nine points. some think the price of gas could dip below $3 a gallon. that would be the national average not in california. right now it is 3.38 a gallon for unleaded regular. in california the average is closer to $4 a gallon. low crude oil prices and the cheaper winter gas blend will push all prices lower to the cheapest gas since 2010. a 67-year-old pilot is recovering after his plane crash-landed in the even sierra. the pilot had taken off from reed hill view airport and heading to death valley. after the crash the plane's emergency transmitter went off.
5:59 pm
the plane was a 96 piper pa 28. a special needs student is put in a taxi instead of a school bus. why the school district did it and the administrators are apologizing. a massive cloud of smoke fed by a wildfire in northern california. it's never too late to find a killer. the call to find the murder of a bay area girl from 48 years ago. . when the bus didn't show up the school district sent a taxi to pick up a special needs student and that students mother is raising questions with her child's safety. >> he was pulled out of school
6:00 pm
by a taxi driver he didn't know and dropped off at home unattended. it happened in oakland and the oakland unified school district provided the transportation. nicole walker spoke with the boy's mother. >> the school district hired a new bus company, first student. that was supposed to be better than the last company. but that's not the experience for anthony jones. >> the yellow bus is one of those iconic school memories, the beginning of the school year had false starts and stops. oak rand unified school district anionsed her special- needs son a taxi. >> i was worried. my 10-year-old in the back of a taxi. >> on september ninth the


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